5 Red Hot, Free! Marketing Ideas

First of all, everyone wants to get their commercial real estate properties leased as quickly as possible, with the least amount of expense. Therefore here are 5 Red Hot, FREE, Marketing ideas to help get the word out about your available commercial real estate properties. 5 Red Hot, FREE, Marketing ideas:
  1. Email Your Tenants. I know, you are asking ‘now why would I move a tenant from one of my other buildings?’  First of all, not saying that. However, likely there are tenant rep deals that you have done in other  Furthermore, keep lists of those tenants and their expiration dates so you can send out those available spaces to any tenants where the buildings that are available meets their needs.
  2. Dedicated Blog Post. WOW! Seriously! Your company has a Blog? Seems like a great idea to ask about and utilize. First of all, who knows those properties better than you. Consequently you get to create a Blog post highlighting the features of the building and posted it. Especially relevant is that the majority of companies also post to Social Media. BONUS, that one was free too!
  3. LinkedIn Posts. Publish a LinkedIn Post similar to the blog post that you created. Real estate decision makes are on LinkedIn and you will be viewed as an expert in your commercial real estate field.
  4. Targeted Email Blasts. Send a targeted email blast to a database of potential prospects. In other words, your real estate cold call list, or a portion of your cold call list. If you are utilizing a contact management database it should be fairly easy to export that list, or better yet email from within so that you can track those with real estate needs you have targeted.
  5. Broker Groups & LinkedIn Groups. Double the fun! Get involved in commercial real estate Broker groups and engage in relevant Real Estate Linked in groups related to your local market. These are great places to market your available real estate properties. Captive audience! And as a result it will garner interest in your real estate offerings.
Go forth and market!
August 23, 2016

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