A Moving Experience

Bradford recently moved our corporate office to a building we purchased on the Katy Trail in the Uptown area of Dallas. It’s a great building in a fantastic location. We were each responsible for packing the contents of our own desks into crates, with files we had into file boxes. Friday was moving day and a virtual office day for everyone. On Monday we showed up at our new offices, new desks with the crates and file boxes. It took a short time to get our desk in order. That was it. Nothing to it! Ok, there was a lot to it. Our office manager did an incredible job coordinating all that had to happen, it a timely manner and in sequence for our move. Our construction team did an equally amazing job getting our space finished out and ready for us. It’s easy as a leasing agent to overlook what your client has to go through to make a move, even from one side of a building to another. Here are some things to consider when moving an office tenant: If the space is being leased “as is”, the tenant will need to do a walk through with management to note the condition of the space before the move. If the space has been remodeled or built out for the tenant, then the tenant, management and the contractor will perform a walk through and prepare a punch list to check off any defects or problems that need to be taken care of before the move. Professional movers should be used so there is less likelihood of damage to furniture and the tenant’s space, as well the building halls and entrances, as well as to reduce liability. If an architect or interior design firm has been used to lay out the space, then the movers will have direction on where each item is placed. If not, it is up the tenant to decide in advance. If new furniture is being purchase the delivery needs to be coordinated with management. The movers will need to meet the insurance requirement set by the Landlord and provide a certificate of insurance. They will also need to coordinate with building management times that they can move. If there is not a freight elevator, will pads be required to protect the cab?   Does the Landlord require protective covering for the floor and walls? If management needs to supervise the move are there additional charges? The tenant’s data and phone system providers should be notified in far in advance so they have time to move equipment and so there is as little interruption as possible.   The Tenants name and suite number will need to be added to the directory. If the lease has been negotiated as such, their names need to be added to the monument sign or even to the building itself. Whether the tenant is paying for the expense or the landlord, new stationary and business cards will need to be printed, as well as notices of change of address sent out by mail and by email. Keys! How many keys will be needed? Which offices will need to have locks on their doors? This is a very simplified list. The list can be much more detailed and much longer. Small offices frequently need just as much attention as larger offices although the logistics will be considerably different. Time is also an issue, no matter how much time you have, that’s the amount you will need. Moving? Yeah, there’s a lot to it! Paul Richter is a Market Director for Dallas-based Bradford Companies, responsible for transaction management, leasing and sales of commercial, industrial and retail properties and land, representing both purchasers and sellers, or tenants and landlords.
July 13, 2015

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