Administrative Professionals Day: An Opportunity to Say Thank You

The most important person in your office isn’t who you think it is. No, it's not your CMO, CFO, or CEO. It's your assistant. These unsung heroes are the ones who really run the show.  Administrators spend endless hours catering to and anticipating the needs of their bosses. They keep a their boss on time and in the know. In other words, it's an administrator’s job to make their boss look good, and keep him or her organized. Administrator assistant’s perform a host of above-and-beyond tasks for their bosses and their companies. Often not receiving the recognition they deserve. Today, Bradford would like to thank our Administrators for all their hard work and dedication to the company. Bradford catered in lunch from Beyond the Box Catering. Also, Pinot Palette Park Cities provided a fun creative way to celebrate Administrators Day.
  • Charlene Johnson – Property Management Administrator
  • Skye Hamilton – Property Management Assistant
  • Dana Leighton - Property Management Administrator
  • Kathy Goodman - Property Management Administrator
  • Lindsey Bluethman – Leasing and Brokerage Support
  • Lisa Dolezalik – Construction Administrator
  • Malinda Bear – Property Management Executive Administrator
  • Miriam Dominguez – Marketing Executive Administrator/Office Manager
Honorable Mentions: Phone Duty Team:
  • Julie Santaularia – Graphics Director
  • Pratap Shrestha - IT
  • Kim Welch – Staff Accountant
Fort Worth/CentrePort Leasing/Brokerage Support
  • Gail Markham – Corporate Marketing/Research Director
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April 24, 2019

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