Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services sponsored CCG’s 2019 Annual Meeting

Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services sponsored the 2019 Annual Meeting today as ChildCareGroup approaches its 120th anniversary. ChildCareGroup works to end the cycle of inter-generational poverty in the community by utilizing the research-based Two-Generation Approach that links their high-quality early childhood education programs with other core programs and services that help families increase self-sufficiency. Pictured from left to right are Caroline O'Brien, Ph.D., the 2019 CCG Board President, and the CCG President/CEO, Tori Mannes. Bradford's Executive Vice President, Leigh Richter represents CCG in all of their real estate transactions. Lauri Fowler, EVP/Managing Director, and Bret Cooper, Market Director, of Bradford Companies were also in attendance.  
January 9, 2019

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