Broker Functions are not Supper Clubs

It has become something of a phenomenon to me after all of these years. Whether it be a broker open house at a building, NTCAR Quarterly meeting or anything in between, I see CRE professionals from the same shop huddling with other members of their shop. Why? Outside of the main purpose of the specific event (educational, open house, NETWORKING) it is imperative for CRE professionals to foster relationships and gather useful information at these functions. One of the finest Brokers in Dallas once told me that he made a point to gather at least one pertinent piece of market info at every gathering. He admitted he would rather be home with his wife and kids, but this was part of the profession. He reminded me that if I want to be compensated as a 9-5 employee who punches the clock, then by all means treat your profession in that manner. If you want to grow in your "profession" as opposed to holding a "job" then get out and be active in the industry. (That is an entire topic of its own) But I digress. What will you learn by spending time with people with whom you already spend the entire day? Granted, some events are extremely limited in seating and require a table reservation. Fine. Then the solution in that scenario is to spend up to the last second networking with other professionals as opposed to hightailing it to the table upon arrival and sitting with (you guessed it!) your coworkers and waiting for the event to begin. I once had a young broker tell me that he was not going to a young professionals event because nobody else at our shop was going. Naturally, I was curious of his rationale. He explained that he didn't feel comfortable meeting new people without an introduction. Shockingly, that young man is no longer in the CRE business... Ed Pachecano is a Senior Vice President, Managing Partner for Bradford Companies in the Office Division. Corporate Office, 9400 NCX, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75231, Ph: 972-776-7096
October 18, 2014

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