What is the Bradford CRE Property Manager Difference?

Often when interviewing to add another CRE property manager to our team, many candidates’ lack the versatility that Bradford expects and receives from its managers. Many candidates’ work history has been managing for single or in-house ownerships. This requires them to comply with only one property owner's requirements. Also, often CRE property manager candidates’ prior employers segregated property management responsibilities into different property types. Thus, managers are proficient in only one specialty. They do not cross paths with those in other specialty divisions and do not benefit from cross-training. In addition, many candidates have never worked as a fee manager which requires a completely different skillset. Often our property managers are juggling several ownerships with varying demands simultaneously. Expectations and reporting requirements vary greatly between entrepreneurial and institutional property owners. Each has unique demands and deadlines that must be met in a timely manner. Bradford property managers are adept at all of the above though it can be demanding at times. Why does Bradford place so much emphasis fee manager experience versus only single ownership experience? Bradford property managers’ core values are versatility, flexibility, attentiveness, and quality service. Bradford`s managers are experienced in managing a variety of commercial product types, i.e., office, industrial, retail, and associations. They assist prospective purchasers with due diligence. When the need arises, each is qualified and ready to meet a client`s expectations. One never knows what a day will bring in the life of a property manager. Bradford property managers are nimble, responsive, and supportive of each other. Also, they have a lot of interesting stories to relate and we do get to share some good laughs. Get to know your CRE property manager.
January 2, 2020

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