David and Goliath

Although the original story is told in the Bible, I wanted to share a David and Goliath story from a tenant prospective. Long…. Long….. ago….David had a store and ran a business in that store for over 20 years. He loved the location and all his customers loved him. One day a young man came in and said he worked for Goliath. He told David that his store was sold to Goliath (David never owned the building but just rented). David was told he had to be out at the end of his lease and that Goliath was going to build a huge new development for many more stores and even people to live above the stores. David remembered that his friend long ago, put something in his lease that said if the building was ever sold he would have a right to pay for it first. The Goliath employee said it was very expensive and there was no way David could ever afford the price. David was so disheartened that he cried for days…for his family…and his customers. He thought there has to be a way for him to buy the store. He decided to go to the richest man in the village, and ask for a loan. The man said he would loan him the money but he had to put down a huge sum of money first. David knew he did not have that kind of money but called all his relatives just in case. As if there was a miracle, one of his great uncles had just passed away and left him an inheritance. An inheritance exactly equal to the amount of money he needed for the additional sum to get the loan. David was so happy but he only had 30 days to have the richest man give him the money. There was so much paperwork and things to do, the richest man changed his mind and said there was no way to get the money that fast. David could not believe he was so close to his dream to have it pulled from under him. Someone mentioned there was a neighbor down the street that might loan him the money. David immediately talked to the neighbor and he said he would loan him the money. With only hours to spare, David got the money and bought his store. Goliath had to go away and start all over on his big new development. Sometimes David still triumphs over Goliath. Krystal Zahniser has thirty (30) years experience in property man­agement, sixteen (16) of which have been with Bradford Companies. Senior Vice President, 12222 Merit Dr, Suite R-100 Dallas, TX 75251 Ph: 972-770-4400
July 21, 2014

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