Deal maker vs Deal breaker

When a Real Estate attorney turns from a Deal Maker into a Deal Breaker: Throughout my career, I have referred several clients to a handful of RE attorneys to help them guide them through the lease transaction process. In every transactions you run into your bumps, or 3-5 points that put a sour taste in you client’s mouth, but every attorney I’ve dealt with has been able to help structure the lease to protect the client. This past year, I experienced a transaction where the attorney acted as a trial lawyer, was ego-driven, and was not interested in making the transaction work, but, rather to be on the winning side. He was unwilling to meet with the ownership’s/landlord attorney warning my client that these meetings would be a waste of his money. The deal eventually died, and we were left with not many options. Fortunately, we were able to re-direct to a different property, use an very experienced attorney that I’ve used before in several transactions, and the lease was negotiated within days with very little heartburn for my client. Nonetheless, this deal is a testimonial to how experienced Real Estate attorneys do bring value by not over-negotiating a transaction, but protect your client’s best interests.
Joe Santaularia is a Vice President for Bradford Companies working the DFW Airport market specializing in Industrial leasing and brokerage.
February 10, 2016

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