DFW Commercial Real Estate Love Story

Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services EVP Leigh Richter and Bradford vice president Paul Richter met while working for Fuller Interests in 1992, but didn’t start dating until summer 1995. By December, Paul had proposed. (First, he asked Leigh’s then-7-year-old son Drew if it was OK with him. Leigh tells us Drew was included in the wedding ceremony, and Paul raised him as his own.) The couple celebrates their 20th anniversary tomorrow. The couple has always worked together, but Leigh tells us because they don’t do the same thing, they bring different perspectives to projects and offer each other advice. They often team up on projects and prefer to work together. Leigh says it’s great to come home after a crazy day and know that the other understands what it's like, she says. Together, they have a listing for a small retail project in Addison and have an 18-acre tract in Allen at the title company expected to close later this year. Congrats Leigh & Paul!
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February 16, 2018

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