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Bret CooperSo a couple years back I had a health issue that kept resurfacing. It seemed out of nowhere I started having back issues. I would do a normal daily activity and then find I had pulled, twisted, or strained some area of my back. While I feel back issues are rather common, I hadn’t previously had any problems that led me to believe I was prone to injury. I played sports through high school without any injury and was rarely cautious that an activity or event would cause me problems. With frustration I found myself going to the chiropractor repeatedly to get readjusted. This carried on till one morning I found myself in an area where I couldn’t get to my normal chiropractor and needed a quick fix. I booked an appointment with a referral doctor, showed up that afternoon, and sat ready for the same routine I’d been through repeatedly for those previous months. After being called back the doctor sat me down, and started his evaluation asking me questions periodically. After numerous questions the doctor was able to determine that I was only injury prone because I was lacking in a certain vitamin. I was relieved to find out there was a solution. Within weeks after taking some additional supplemental vitamins, I was back to feeling great again. Looking back on that event I was thankful this chiropractor was able to diagnose me and determine my needs. I started to think on the similarities of a doctor to a real estate broker. If that doctor hadn’t asked the right questions, I would have never been able to determine the solution to my problem. In a way this is similar to a real estate broker working to locate and negotiate a new location for a client. It’s critical for a broker to ask those key questions to help determine their business needs. Often times a client doesn’t know all their needs. A good broker is not only able to gather your needs, but help a client realize they have needs they may have never considered. As a Broker Associate with Bradford, I strive to assist clients in realizing their business needs, and help them with solutions to those needs. Bret Cooper is a Broker Associate for Bradford Companies specializing in commercial leasing and brokerage. His duties include Project Leasing and Brokerage of office properties.  
September 22, 2015

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