2019 CORFAC Spring Conference and the 5 Key Reasons to Network

2019 Corfac Spring Conference in Scottsdale Arizona - February 21-23 Joe Santaularia, Bradford Commercial Real Estate's First Vice President, attended the 2019 Corfac Spring Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. Corfac's Interactive Deal-Making Session was a standout feature. During the session, Santaularia learned how to get more business out of the global network. It included an interactive discussion about current clients, haves/wants, deals, multimarket assignments and more. Joe knows that conferences are ideal for networking.  Investing your time in building and developing long term relationships will translate to additional benefits.  How powerful is the statement: "I know someone who can ..." when someone says it to you. Here are five key reasons to network:  1) Driving Word-of-Mouth Recommendations, 2) Encouraging Mentors, 3) Understanding Market Opportunities, 4) Getting New Ideas and Innovations, 5)  Making Great Friends.
March 15, 2019

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