Fun in Property Management

In the property management world, rarely does one get a chance to have fun with a property.   Usually we are attending to “clean up” of past problems from prior ownerships or trying to fit a square peg into a round hole to meet a buyer`s required returns on investment.   However we now have an opportunity to actually have fun repositioning an office building located on the edge of Uptown in Dallas.     This property has some unique features and potential which we are looking forward to enhancing with the help of the Gensler architectural and design firm.   With direct access to the Katy Trail, a large outdoor terrace, balconies, a fitness center, downtown views, immediate access to the North Dallas Parkway, close proximity to American Airlines Center, high visibility, and the many amenities in Uptown, it is definitely an attractive property.   And to top it off, the existing tenants have created a family atmosphere which is uncommon in today`s world. Though we are just beginning the creative process, we are already enjoying the extensive flow of ideas and are looking forward to unveiling the final transformation. We are also excited about being able to promote a renovated terrace as a new venue for special events.   And as an added bonus, Bradford will be relocating our corporate headquarters to this building….that is, if our brokers do not lease the space out from under us.   The property is a hot commodity with lots of lease prospects vying for the remaining vacancy.   After all, prospects realize that prime time for balcony use and outdoor activity is fast approaching. In the meantime, whenever we can, Bradfordians will be enjoying our new perk of direct access to the Katy Trail….. Anne Turney has thirty-three (33) years experience in property management with an emphasis on high-rise and mid-rise office, industrial, retail and association management.
March 23, 2015

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