Happy Retirement Ron Rowland

With so many years of experience, loyalty, dedication and professionalism; What to say about Ron Rowland?

Happy Retirement Ron Rowland

Ron has worked for Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services for 44 years. He started with Vantage Companies in 1976 prior to Bradford forming in 1989. He began his career as an HVAC engineer and was promoted to Bradford’s Chief Engineer. Those who have worked with Ron know he is a very humble and professional person. He is exceptionally reliable, dependable and takes matters in stride. Ron was well thought of by the property managers and the HVAC Engineers. He is a team player and collaborated with Bradford’s vendors and clients.

As Bradford looked at office buildings for potential purchase or to bid for proposed property management services, you would always see Ron on the roof inspecting the cooling towers, chillers, etc. He provided input relating to the condition of the HVAC equipment and his knowledge and experience was invaluable.

Ron you are a true professional who is shown by example that excellence is something to aim for every day. You inspire everyone around you to be an do more—and we know that will only continue in your retirement years.

“It has been an honor to be associated with your professionalism over these 44 years. Your position required both skills for the work product (HVAC) and interpersonal skills in dealing with clients and customers. You were a rare commodity having both. Thank you for your dedication to our firm. While a sad day to accept your retirement, it gives me pleasure to know the tenure and loyalty still are relevant in our business!” Kevin Santaularia – CEO/President

From all of us at Bradford we wish you the best. Thank you Ron Rowland for so many years of dedication to Bradford and its team. Now the fun begins
August 17, 2020

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