How Patriotic Are You?

I’m pretty traditional – I define the 4th of July as the day America declared its independence from England and freedom from taxation without representation.  (Cue the song “No More King” from the old Schoolhouse Rock series)  I usually watch a couple of movies each year on the 4th – “It’s a Big Country,” which is a film from 1951 that shows different slices of American life and features a lot of big stars from that era, and “Yankee Doodle Dandy”  with James Cagney. The rest of my holiday activities vary, but usually involve some time spent with family and/or friends.  And food! Malinda Bear - Corporate 4th of July is
  • being able to walk into a store and not be judged by the color of my skin
  • it is being able to choose what church I will walk into on Sunday
  • it is being able to vote Obama or Romney (which I voted for Romney, no shame)
  • it is eating a Brockworths and feel absolutely NO guilt
I celebrate in the comfort of my own home and watch the fireworks. My decision to do so is exactly what this country is made of. Happy Independence Day!!! Anna Rodriguez – Stemmons Office Motorcycling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY JULY 4TH…………….:) Claire Sharp – Corporate Independence Day!  Celebrate by eating all the BBQ I can, floating in the pool with a drink in my hand! Lisa Dolezalik – Corporate My son is an active military staff Sargent operation Iraqi freedom vet.  Bronze star 3 medals of valor.  My wife is an army vet I am an air force vet. We believe a country worth living in is worth fighting for as our forefathers did before us.  We celebrate our Independence Day with the satisfaction we have done our part in maintaining our Independence. David Riddoch – Forest Green So glad I live in the great country USA, USA, USA Fireworks of course, usually go to Ranger game but they are out of town this year.  BBQ, Movie – just usually a fun day. Beth Marshall – GSW Time to spend with friends and celebrate America, land of the free and home of the brave. Joe: Floating the Guadalupe with friends in New Braunfels TX! Julie: I’m going to a ranch in Weatherford, TX.  We will be grilling, ride some horses, listen to some Texas Country music, and have a pool day.  Also, shoot some guns! Yikes!! Julie and Joe Santaularia – Corporate The fourth for me is spending time with family.  My family always meets in Natchez Mississippi where I was born. We cook out and have a fireworks show for the kids like my uncles did for us, as kids.  My mom side of the family has 12 brothers and sisters, 13 including her, and my dad side has 5, including him.  I haven’t been down in 4 years but looking forward to see everyone this weekend. But when I do not go I always find something to do local her in town with my immediate family and wife’s family. And of course can’t forget about the real meaning of Independence Day….lol Thurston Washington – Merit Tower A day to celebrate all the hard fought freedoms that we mindlessly enjoy.  A day to stop and give thanks to those who made and continue to make it possible to freely worship and vote in those who lead us at all levels of our government. We celebrate with friends and family cooking out and watching fireworks. Sharon Friedberg - Corporate To me the 4th of July means a wonderful time to spend with the family and reflect on how blessed we are to live free. We celebrate by attending the Plano parade in the morning and fireworks in the evening. Michael Grant – Corporate The 4th of July reminds me to be extremely grateful to the people who fought for our Independence so I fly my flag and celebrate with lots of good bbq, swimming and hanging with friends & family. Roni Socolof – Corporate It’s a celebration of freedom, the freedom to express my thoughts and opinions and say what I want without fear of reprisal while remaining respectful of others.     Also, to eat hotdogs, watch a parade and drink the beer of my choice.   And to celebrate my father’s birthday, this year he would have been 103 years old. Paul Richter - Corporate It’s a day to look back on the history of this country and where we are heading.  I celebrate by enjoying a nice relaxing day with close friends. Kyle Espie – Corporate It’s a three day weekend and a pool party!  Just kidding it is a celebration of our independence and the fact that we are a free country. Hope you have a fun one! Susan Maher – Forest Green Same thing I do every holiday – On call! Tammy F. Salas – Corporate Half of my heart is in San Antonio, TX.  Two of my daughters are students at UTSA therefore, my second address is there. I will drive down South as soon as 3:30pm gets here (not fast enough). Friday we will head to Corpus Christie for a day on the beach…but it has to be a doggie friendly beach. I  never leave my best friends behind when traveling in Texas.  We will then drive back and spend Saturday floating on the Guadalupe River. Lots of driving but we always head back to San Antonio to enjoy our evenings with great Mariachi music and the delicious Mexican food and of course lots of Margaritas for me! Always, reflecting on the larger meaning of our nation’s birth date. On this 4th of July let’s recall the words from the Hebrew bible inscribed on the Liberty Bell. “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof”. Happy 4th of July dear Americans!! Miriam Dominguez – Corporate Wife’s Birthday.  It typically cost me dearly. But I’m pretty patriotic…check out my toys! Curtis Kouba – Corporate
July 3, 2014

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