Jumping Into CRE With Both Feet

Just six months ago I was back in Columbia, South Carolina sifting through my options to decide which large finance corporation I will be occupying a cubicle for week after week, year after year. The more I thought about it the more it dawned on me that I needed to reconsider my future. Within days an opportunity that had been nothing more than a friend referring me to the current managing partner for Bradford Companies, suddenly turned into me packing what I could fit in my car and returning to Dallas/Fort Worth. After completing five months here at Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services I can say that I have learned and experienced well beyond what I was expecting. On several occasions I can clearly remember being told that there are many brokers out there doing the same thing I’m doing. As vague as that comment was I immediately thought to myself, I need to be different. Right from the start I began thinking outside the box trying to avoid becoming just another commercial real estate broker by finding new ways to develop business such as working out at a top notch gym, living in a wealthy neighborhood, and finding alumni events to attend so I can create relationships that will be critical in building my future in this business. At the end of the day you will find that this business can be very rewarding but can also quickly take a turn for the worse. It didn’t take very long to realize that this business isn’t for the light hearted or the person looking for a casual 9-5 job. I constantly find myself in situations that will create either a positive or negative outcomes. In this business there is a lot of no’s, deals falling through, or being blown off. Find ways to work through the negative outcomes and learn from them. Jump in with both feet and constantly challenge yourself to do the things that everyone else isn’t doing. Kyle Espie is an Associate for Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services and is responsible for commercial leasing and marketing for the Dallas Office Portfolio. 9400 NCX, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75231, Ph: 972.776.7070
January 20, 2014

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