Meet Andrew Stone

My name is Andrew Stone and as of four months ago, I am a proud associate of Bradford Commercial Real Estate. Although I just began my career this past February, my first day of work feels like a long time ago. My journey into the world of commercial real estate might still be in its early stages but my experiences so far have been worth sharing Before I started with Bradford, I was a student at the University of Texas in Austin. I grew up around the commercial real estate business and was always infatuated with the type of work my friends and mentors in the industry did. As I progressed through school, I decided that pursuing a career in commercial real estate brokerage was what I wanted to do. Furthermore, with all of the opportunities the city has to offer somebody looking for work, I also decided that Dallas is where I would like to be. After getting a job with Bradford I was incredibly excited to finally start working and learn the business- especially at a company that I had come to admire over the interviewing process. Bradford has a proven track record of over 20 years of servicing our clients in the DFW area. I remember my first day of work and how eager I was to meet the team. Getting acclimated around the office took very little time and that was in large part because of the great culture we have here. From top to bottom we have excellent leadership and support. Bradford values long lasting relationships and treats everyone- client or coworker- with honesty and respect. Currently, I am working in the Northeast Corridor specializing in industrial leasing and brokerage. I track every owner and user of real estate as well as all available properties and completed deals. I couldn’t enjoy this job any more than I already do. Every day presents a new challenge but also an opportunity to help. Our philosophy here is that our client’s satisfaction is the measure of our success and I truly believe this is why we have maintained the title of one of the top commercial real estate firms in Dallas.
June 26, 2013

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