New residents are flocking to Dallas. Where are they coming from?

Governor Greg Abbott is going to like this.

Each year, more people move to Dallas County, with the most recent census numbers showing that Californians continue to flock here in higher numbers than anyone else.

Who can blame them? We have a lower cost of doing business, a booming state economy, and you can’t forget our lack of income tax. While the traffic may be bad here, we still shave off a couple minutes from the 30-minute commute in Los Angeles County.

Though Californians are trading their animal-style fries for a double meat Whataburger, people from other states are also arriving every day from other states.

The Chicago area contributed the second-highest number of new Dallasites, according to the census.

The data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s migration map, which details how many people enter and leave the county each year. The most recent data available is from 2011 to 2015.

Click through the slideshow above to see where new Dallas County residents relocated from during that time period.

However, while North Texas is growing rapidly, it's also losing residents, albeit at a slower pace than it's adding new ones. Most are departing to the Los Angeles area, though others are trading in their Texas IDs to move north to Oklahoma City.

By Taylor Tompkins  – Data reporter, Dallas Business Journal
September 4, 2018

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