Opportunity Manager

It was another busy day at the office – drafting proposals, arranging client tours, and returning emails as they flow in.  When asked to grab a quick lunch with colleagues, per my usual routine, I grab my iPad and off we go. I arrived at the restaurant and sit with colleagues - tenures ranging from two weeks to twenty-plus years in the real estate business.  Everyone conversed about current deals working, plans for the afternoon, etc.  The food took much longer than expected, so I used this as an ample opportunity to generate two reports for current clients. Finally our food arrived – we quickly ate, returned to the office, and everyone carried on with business as usual.  A short while later, it was brought to my attention of an opportunity at lunch which went unnoticed as I was preoccupied with other work. What I thought was a productive lunch was actually an overlooked opportunity to share knowledge with a fellow Associate.  It was a chance to share a relevant cold call story.  It was a chance to share how I gathered a Tenant’s requirements.  It was a chance to share my reasoning for selecting certain criteria used in my property search.  More importantly, it was a chance to answer questions that likely would have been asked. After further evaluating that afternoons lunch, I better understood the importance of identifying and managing opportunities as they present themselves. Regardless of tenure, the real estate industry never ceases to present us with a vast array of opportunities.  Opportunities to share experiences, challenges, and the one (or multiple) humiliating mistake(s) we wish we hadn’t made with fellow colleagues.  We see these opportunities numerous times throughout our days – in the elevator, break room, and in this case, even at lunch. Manage your opportunities and use these hidden occasions to help another colleague grow.  We all have stories, and odds are, someone nearby is eager to listen and learn. Clint Manning is an Associate for Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services and is responsible for commercial leasing and marketing for the Dallas Office Portfolio.
June 18, 2015

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