Property Management

Commercial Property Management

Successful property management takes a team of experienced professionals that take pride in the work they do.

At Bradford, we believe in giving the highest-quality management to our clients. It’s about building relationships and making sure all parties are satisfied in the transaction.

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Million + Total Sq. Ft. Leased and Managed

Driving Asset Returns

To create double-positive asset value leverage, it is crucial that operating expenses are controlled. This takes creative solutions, which are formulated through years of experience in property management.

Tenant Relations

Retaining tenants is achieved through forming and attending to relationships. Our team does this with a highly experienced staff, and by maintaining the relationship and allowing it to endure. We help facilitate lease transactions and participate in ongoing site visits.

Due Diligence Coordination

Due diligence is a pivotal part of the management process. With over 80,000,000 square feet transitioned since 1989, Bradford Companies has the experience necessary. Inbound management relationships will benefit from the extensive transition experience and outbound leased portfolios are matrixed and tracked through the entire disposition process.


Million + Value of Assets Managed

Broad Scope – Clear Picture

Our collective management experience is clear in every asset we manage. We leverage a pool of resources to customize our client strategy and service options.

Managing The Process

  • Value Creation
  • Blanket Insurance Program
  • Risk Arbitrage
  • Turnkey Tenant Finish Capacity
  • Energy Consulting

Ownership Perspective

Every asset we manage portrays our pride of ownership. Timely communication, accurate budgeting and concise, effective reporting are our focus and what we bring to each of our clients.

30 +

Years of Serving DFW
Since 1989

Controlling Costs

Bradford has developed time-tested strategies to reduce the ongoing costs of managing real estate assets. These strategies allow us to deliver on our management philosophy—to drive real estate returns. We do this with maximized revenue and a reduction in operating expenses. Both components are essential to an owner’s bottom line, and can be achieved through various programs.

  • Insurance Program
  • Tax Reduction Program
  • Roofing Management Program

Property Manager focuses on the day-to-day operations, basically maintaining the value of the property through collecting rents, paying bills, interacting with tenants and maintenance personnel. They also prepare the budget, and negotiate with vendors and new tenants on behalf of the Owner.

Property Managers need to be responsive and able to communicate well with vendors, tenants, property owners, leasing agents etc. A few traits to have in a property manager is proactiveness, personable skills and resourcefulness.

Management fees for commercial property management range from 3% to 12% of the property’s overall rent. In some cases the fee may be a set dollar amount per month or the percentage, whichever is higher. Property Management fees may also include a salary reimbursement.

CAM are monthly fees that cover the costs of various maintenance needs for the building and/or parking lot. Each tenant is required to pay their percentage of the monthly CAM based on their pro rata share. Some CAM charges may include: Property maintenance, Insurance, Repairs, Administrative fees, Pest control services, Security services

Property owners, asset managers and property managers should discuss the benefits of having a building engineer on-site. This will also depend on what property type your asset is. For most Office buildings, it is recommended to have maintenance staff on-site if it’s a Class A property. If you own multiple office properties there should be an engineer that circulates amongst the properties. For Industrial properties, it would all depend on the location, and or tenants occupying the building.

Each of our employees are an invaluable member of the Team. Their contributions, work ethic, and attitude play a crucial role to Bradford Companies’ success and culture.



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Citymark on the Katy Trail

A 226,344 sf office building located in Uptown/Turtle Creek submarket.
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Highland Park West

A 51,847 office property located in Preston Center submarket.
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