Putting a Price on Value

After completing my final undergraduate course and shortly thereafter joining the Bradford Real Estate team, as do many other recent graduates, I soon began to ask myself, “Did I learn everything in college I will need to succeed here at Bradford and the business world?”  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and had taken many classes over finance, economics, and even accounting, but while I felt that my book knowledge would hopefully prove my competence, I still found myself searching for the ultimate “key to success”. Around the time of my hiring, I was fortunate to have met with many successful Commercial Real Estate Brokers in the industry, and to conclude each meeting I would ask, “What is the key to being successful at Bradford and in the commercial real estate industry?”  I received many responses, most of which you probably would have guessed.  Be the first one at the office and the last one to leave.  Jump at the opportunity to assist a fellow Broker, as everything at this stage of your career is a learning opportunity.  Attend as many networking events as you can, and of course, if you weren’t the person to brew the first batch of morning joe, then you weren’t at the office early enough! While these responses are all so very true, I didn’t realize what I found to be the real “key to success” until someone sternly asked me, “Why would someone do business with you!?”  I paused and intently thought of many answers, but was ultimately unsure what the “correct” response would be.  Before I was able to reply, they said, “Business, just like life, is all about adding and creating value for not only yourself, but others.  For someone to work for you, with you, and ultimately respect you as a master of your trade, you must always bring value.” Only months into my commercial real estate career, I truly believe and abide by the fact that business and success all stem from the basic notion of adding value.  The greater the value you exert, the more likely positive opportunities will present themselves.  Value can be many things, including staying at the office late to research market analytics for an upcoming showing, or providing congratulations and support to a fellow Broker who just completed a difficult nine-month transaction.  Simply listening to real estate clients needs rather than attempting to sell them with undesired information, can also be a great method to adding value. Lastly, whether it is sending a prospective client valuable and costly information knowing that you may likely not get the deal, or assisting a fellow Broker with a simple yet time consuming task, by creating and adding value, you solidify and convey yourself as a true asset to your clients and a valuable member to the Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services team. Clint Manning is an Associate for the Dallas Office Portfolio.  9400 NCX, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75231, Ph: 972-776-7037
May 12, 2014

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