Texas Economy Positioned to Improve in 2017

The Dallas-Fort Worth economy continues to be on a vigorous upswing.  Continuing the momentum, employment has outperformed the nation and the state in the month of November.  Falling unemployment numbers while the business cycle indexes accelerated and home sales rose all in the 3rd quarter top out the improvements. Here are a few of the highlights:
  • DFW Employment expanded an annualized 4.0 percent in November due to a strong job growth in both Dallas and Fort Worth metro areas.
  • Dallas leads the major Texas metros in year-to-date employment growth at an annualized 3.2 percent.
  • In November, the unemployment rate dipped to 4.1 percent in Dallas and 3.2 percent in Fort Worth.  Both figures remain lower than the U.S. Rate, which edged down to 4.6 percent.
  • Texas employment grew 2.1 percent annualized in November, outpacing the nation’s 1.5 percent growth rate.
Information gathered from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas website.  For more Dallas Fed economic updates:  Dallas Fed Updates
January 10, 2017

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