Trust in the role of an Agent:

Trust remains at the core of all business. No business, not even Commercial Real Estate, is procured by blanketing the client’s objective with fog. There must be a positive air to your pitch which can only be achieved if you:     Place the goals and opinions of the client before your own
  • The ownership has certain needs and expectations
  • Their checklist comes before your own can come into the discussion
Ensure that your client is ready to hear your individual ideas; timing is everything
  • To become your client they must get all of their own ideas out in the open
  • Once they have expressed their will, pitch and give your ideas; after all you make a living doing such
With your agenda aside, relate in an effective manner
  • Be personal
  • Be effective
Make certain you are relative
  • Agenda aside, express and identify yourself in the deal
  • Place experience and market knowledge at the helm of your pitch
Reiterate the goals which you now must uphold
  • With all the above checked off, take the goals of your client into action
Trust is gained when the agent has made clear the client’s interest and goal is their own. Once this has been achieved the agent must take his new business into action. Potential clients seek firms and individuals with which they can vest money and assets pinned to particular goals. In this industry, we make a living by centering the client at the core of all our actions. This is the focus of the agent in any real estate role. David duPerier is an Associate for Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services and his focus is retail with ancillary expertise in commercial office and industrial, leasing, sales and tenant representation.  9400 NCX, Suite 500, Dallas, TX 75231, Ph: 972.776.7134
February 5, 2014

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