We Have A Deal!

The game is tied and time has expired. It is the last inning. We are the home team so this is the last at bat. We have a runner on first base and a runner on second base. The stage is set and my Son is up to bat. I don’t remember the count, but I do remember he has two strikes so the standard approach at this point is to not strike out looking and to swing at anything close to either put the ball in play or foul it off so you can get another pitch. My Son ropes the next pitch into right field for a game winning triple! I proceeded to lose my mind with excitement. I think most parents have dreams of their kids being successful in moments like these and I was fortunate as a Father to experience that overwhelming sense of pride…“That is my Boy!” My Son was on cloud nine. The entire team had played well that day so with that dramatic win we were the number one seed going into the “win or go home” phase of the tournament. Sunday was a new day and it didn’t start off good. Our starting pitcher struggled and gave up several runs. They pulled him before the first inning was over and brought in my Son to pitch. He didn’t fare too much better but ultimately got us out of the first inning. They left him in to pitch the next couple of innings and the struggles continued for him and the team. My Son doesn’t like getting pulled off the mound during the game. He really wants to finish the inning, but it was time and the Coach went to the mound to change pitchers. My Son’s shoulders slumped and he was visibly upset about getting taken off the mound and moved to short stop. The Coach didn’t care of my son’s visible display of emotions and said some things to him and apparently had some additional words for him when they got back to the dugout after the inning was over. Long story short, we got our rear ends kicked. My Son was horribly upset after the game and was unable to keep it together before we got back to the truck. I walked out of the park that day with my arm around his shoulders because he was obviously upset but also to let everyone know... “That is my Boy!” It is hard going from “Hero” the night before to “not sure you want to play the game anymore” the next day. The game of baseball is hard. There is a lot of failure to deal with concerning the game of baseball, but I believe those failures make the successes so much sweeter. Commercial real estate is similar in that we have to deal with failure from time to time. The deal goes to a competitor. The deal didn’t materialize. The deal is on hold. Like baseball, I believe those failures make the successes so much sweeter. I still get excited whether it is a 2,000 square foot transaction or a 20,000 square foot transaction when I hear someone say, “We have a deal!” Jason Miller is a Vice President for Bradford Companies in the Stemmons Corridor. 1445 MacArthur Drive, #116, Carrollton, TX 75007, Ph: 972-389-9006
March 16, 2015

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