What I Love about Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

  1. You can’t really be fired.  I make a living making rich people richer.  If, for some reason, my current boss, Kevin Santaularia, wanted to let me go (this is purely hypothetical you understand), I can always find another (inferior) shop that would let me bring in commissions for doing what I love. I will have job security as long as I can find rich people that want to be richer.
  2. My company wants me to make as much money as possible.  I’m not overhead; I’m a producer.
  3. Age is not a factor; even old guys like me can be productive and have fun.
  4. I learn something new everyday.  It’s never boring or repetitious.
  5. I love a challenge.  Need I say more?
  6. I do not have to guarantee any loans like I used to when I was a principal.
  7. Brokerage means making good money without the stress of running a company.
  8. I don’t have to manage anyone; just me.  That’s enough.
  9. I provide a valuable service – seriously.
  10. Not very many people can do what I do.  And I’m good at it.
Stephen Scott is Senior Vice President, Corporate Office, 9400 NCX, Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75231
October 31, 2014

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