What’s in a Letter?

MICHAEL T. GRANT - So, what's in a letter? A lot of people would say “not much”. What can you express in just one letter, particularly if you are trying to brand a company? Will people understand what you are trying to do or even what you do? You need at least a few letters right? These people are wrong. Let’s look at some examples: • Federal Express changed to FedEx • Fast forward Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC • IBM, AMEX, UBS, GE all stood for much longer names until they were legally changed years ago. In 2008, in the midst of the national real estate meltdown in Dallas, Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services made a bold decision to re-brand itself. Bradford changed from its long-standing Bradford Performance Counts logo, which had been a Dallas staple for over 20 years, to the now highly recognizable Red Bradford B inserted into its logo. So back to the original question. What’s in a letter? Brokers, owners, and users of real estate who had relationships with Bradford will tell you that the B means our company deals with clients with ethically and fairly. Whether it's phone calls, emails, or commission checks, our team handles clients with the highest priority. As a commercial real estate company, Bradford will give our clients straight answers and will work diligently to get good deals done. Owners of real estate know that Bradford will use every piece of knowledge in their time tested marketing stronghold to get their properties leased or sold at the highest possible price in the shortest period of time. Clients know Bradford has seasoned professionals in not only in Brokerage but also: Construction Management, Accounting, Property Management, and Engineering. Our company gives our clients detailed, accurate budgets and reports on time and exceeding their expectations. Users of real estate are confident in the fact that if they are seeking experienced, professional market professionals to help with their site selection. As a commercial property company, we will negotiate on our clients' behalf. We know the market and the players in the market, and our organization will fight to the end to protect our clients' interest. Whether it’s, industrial space, office, retail, land or a real estate investment the iconic Bradford B stands a symbol of the highest level of commercial real estate excellence. This recognition is not simply given; it is earned…every single day. Michael T. Grant is a Senior Vice President for Bradford in Dallas and focuses on agency leasing, tenant representation, and general brokerage activities in the Northeast Corridor.
August 8, 2019

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