Why should I hire a commercial property management company?

What benefits could a commercial property management company offer you? While owning and investing in commercial real estate can be quite rewarding, managing the property yourself can be time intensive and cause unnecessary stress. It’s important to know what factors are there when owning a commercial property.

Here are some reasons you might hire a commercial property manager to help with your properties:

Maintenance and Customer Service Expertise

Bradford employs an extensive property maintenance staff to keep the properties in prime condition with all equipment operating properly. We have developed a sophisticated service request system to provide fast and thorough service backed by follow-up procedures that insure tenant satisfaction. This allows you to rest easy knowing that the day-to-day operations are being handled efficiently. They will offer you lower repair and maintenance costs than if you handled it yourself. Besides saving you money, they’ll also be able to save you time on emergencies because we have an emergency preparedness plan in place for all situations.

Bradford Property Management and Construction Management

Construction–Tenant Finish

Bradford Companies has a construction management department which offers construction and tenant refurbishment capabilities. We work in tandem with building owners, tenants and general contractors to bring a construction or renovation project to completion. Our property and construction management teams have years of partnerships with reputable local vendors and contractors that we rely on to get the job done.

Property Accounting

Accounting for a large commercial property can be time-consuming and takes specialized knowledge. Commercial property management companies will track your income and expenses each month and compile detailed financial reports for you monthly. This helps you prepare for tax season and makes your life substantially easier if your bookkeeping is correct and organized when you decide to sell the property down the line. At Bradford, we can use a variety of real estate specific accounting systems to provide timely reports that meet each client’s specialized business needs.

Bradford Companies commercial property management meeting

Tenant Retention

Bradford recognizes the importance of a happy tenant. We have developed guidelines which build relationships with tenants and foster tenant retention. Over the past 24 months, our lease renewal ratio is 84%. We work with either our internal leasing team or outside leasing agents, which help qualify incoming tenants for your property. We run credit and background checks when necessary and reviewing potential tenants’ finances to see if they’re in good standing before lease negotiations start.

The benefits listed above are just a few of the reasons a property manager can be an excellent decision. Bradford Management Company of Dallas, Inc. provides hands-on management of the physical, administrative, and public relations aspects for our property owners. Bradford’s goal is to improve the economic and physical value of the assets while providing maximum service to property owners and tenants.

We take pride in responsiveness to both tenants and property owners in ensuring that we handle professionally a variety of details.

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August 30, 2022

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