Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services Facilitates Strategic Lease for Restoration 1 in North Fort Worth 

FORT WORTH, TX – Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services is excited to announce a significant lease agreement that strategically positions Restoration 1 of North Fort Worth in a dedicated structure at 13019 Harmon Rd., featuring six condominium units within the Harmon Industrial Condos development. This pivotal relocation and expansion into the Alliance Fort Worth submarket mark a key development in Restoration 1's growth strategy.

North Fort Worth Commercial Real Estate

Tailored Real Estate Solutions

The leased 10,060-square-foot building is set to become the operational hub for Restoration 1, with a customized build-out that includes heavy power, a 25-foot ceiling height, and a 100% air-conditioned space. "There weren't any leasing options in the market that could fully meet my client's requirements. It all came together with Restoration 1's long-term commitment and the developer's willingness to customize the entire six-unit building," Richard Hitz, Vice President of Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services, explains the uniqueness of this deal.

Optimizing Location and Facilities

Strategically situated less than a mile north of its headquarters, this first-generation space enables Restoration 1 to consolidate several warehouse and storage units. The location supports all company functions in one place, enhancing operational efficiency. Hitz further notes, "Restoration 1's goal was to get all functions under one roof and have ample space to include plumbing services for residential and commercial clients."

Collaboration and Customization in Local Market

This lease reflects not only a significant expansion for Restoration 1 but also effective collaboration in the local real estate market. Jen Martin of TX Business Parks, who represented the landlord, Harmon Condos LLC, played a key role in this successful negotiation. Hitz adds, "The developer's flexibility and commitment were crucial in customizing the space according to the long-term needs of Restoration 1."

This strategic lease highlights Bradford Commercial Real Estate Services' dedication to delivering tailored real estate solutions that promote growth and operational excellence for their clients in the North Fort Worth area.

April 25, 2024

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